Part 2 of PTE-A test consists of Reading module and completes approximately within 32-40 minutes. This single timed part comprises of 5 independent and integrated tasks (15-20 questions in total) which also contribute marks in Writing module. It is important you should skim through the passage as quickly as possible because reading tasks are not timed individually. The candidate must refer to the timer in the upper right corner of the computer screen to manage his/her time effectively. This section tests the candidates in their understanding of Academic English, grammar knowledge, English language rules and so on. Mostly the selected question text covers academic subjects such as social sciences, geography, history, natural science, psychology and humanities.


PTE Reading module comprises of 5 main tasks. Below, we will break down each part of this section to give you a brief idea what does this section look like, what a candidate can expect on the day of test and what is the marking criteria of PTE-A Reading module.

1.Multiple Choice – Choose Single Answer

In Multiple Choice – Choose Single Answer, a small passage around 100-150 words will appear on the screen with a question and its possible response options – select only one response based on content, information or tone of the text. This item type has 2-3 questions and mainly tests your reading skills only. You should always read the question, understand the writer’s tone, topic of the passage and overall organisation of ideas before choosing the right option.

2.Multiple Choice – Choose Multiple Answers

This task type is quite similar to Multiple Choice – Choose Single Answer but there will be more than one answer to choose from the given list of possible response options. This item type has 2-3 questions which assess your reading skills only. After reading a passage of 200-300 words, you need to select more than one response answers. The challenging part of this task type is the scoring criteria. For each correct answer, you will get 1 point, however, you will lose -1 point if you choose an incorrect answer. Also, avoid ticking all the options because you will lose score points.

3.Reorder Paragraphs

In this task type, as the name suggest – re-order the paragraphs – so several text boxes with paragraphs appear on screen in random order, simply restore the original order by dragging and dropping the text boxes from left panel (Source) to the right panel (Target). This item type has 2-3 questions which assess your reading skills only. You must organise the sentences into correct order to get your reading score. This task type tests your on your ability to understand the cohesion of an academic text. For every correct pair that you place in correct order, you will be awarded with 1 score point, however, you will receive maximum score points if the whole paragraph is in the correct order.

4.Reading: Fill in the Blanks

This is one of the most important tasks in PTE Reading module. In this task type, a small passage around 80-90 words long will appear on screen with some gaps. You will also be provide with a list of proposed words in a box below - you can drag and drop the correct word to fill in the blanks. This item type has 4-5 questions which judge you for your Reading skills only based on your knowledge of collocation, grammatical cues, parts of speech, tenses, phrasal verbs and so on. You get maximum score if you fill all the gaps correctly.

5.Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks

This is another highly important question of PTE Reading section which assess you for two modules – Reading and Writing. In this item task, a text up to 300 words will appear on the screen with multiple gaps, fill those gaps by selecting the most appropriate answers from the given drop-down lists of response options. There will be 5-6 questions for this task and every question will have multiple number of blanks to fill in. This task assesses your ability to use contextual and grammatical cues to identify words that complete a reading text. You will receive a credit point in both Reading and Writing sections for every correct word you insert into the gaps, so choose your answers wisely.


To score maximum bands in PTE Reading module, you must improve your understanding of academic vocabulary, use of collocation, grammar, and parts of speech.

Academic Vocabulary

The test-taker must be able to understand three important aspects of academic vocabulary i.e. general academic vocabulary, discipline-specific words and phrases, and nominalisation.

Knowledge of Collocation

The candidate must have the knowledge of collocation because it can help him/her to recognize the correct words in fill in the blanks tasks.


Every task in PTE Reading test has defined score points, so if you want to score 79+ in PTE Reading module, you must understand the scoring criteria.

Task Type Number of Tasks Communicative Skills Assessed Scoring
Multiple Choice
Choose Single Answer
2-3 Reading Correct/Incorrect
1 Correct response
0 Incorrect response
Multiple Choice
Choose Multiple Answers
2-3 Reading Partial credit, points deducted for incorrect option/s chosen:
1 Each Correct response
-1 Each Incorrect response
0 Minimum score
Re-order Paragraphs 2-3 Reading Partial Credit:
1 Each pair of correct adjacent pair
0 Minimum score
Fill in the Blanks
4-5 Reading Partial Credit:
1 Each correctly completed blank
0 Minimum score
Reading & Writing:
Fill in the blanks
5-6 Reading
Partial Credit:
1 Each correctly completed blank
0 Minimum score


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