Writing module is the second section of Part 1 of PTE-A test which means that a sperate part is not allocated to this module, but it continues directly after submitting responses for the Speaking module. This module is designed to assess the quality of your writing, along with grammatical accuracy. You will be graded based on the content, grammar, written discourse, spellings, vocabulary, and form of your responses. In other words, credit is awarded based on how well you form sentences, how coherent your viewpoint is, and your general linguistic range. This section comprises of two types of items - summary and essay. The total length of time for this module depends on the combination of the above tasks you receive. Generally, you will be asked to write two summaries and one essay, or three summaries and one essay, or two summaries and two essays. This section requires you to respond to the prompt with a paragraph in standard academic English. You are free to use spelling conventions of the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, or Canada however, consistency must be maintained within the convention of choice.


1.Summarize Written Text

This is a short-answer type question where you need to summarize the given text in one sentence. This task assesses you for Writing as well as Reading modules. The passage length could be up to 300 words and the time limit for answering each prompt is 10 minutes. You must include all the main points of the reading passage in a complete complex compound single sentence of no more than 75 words. You can use ‘Total Word Count’ counter below the response box to manage your word count for the task. If you write fewer than five words or more than 75 words, your response will not be scored. The most important aspect of this item type is limiting your response to one sentence ONLY. This means that you can use a full stop only once in your answer, however, you can use commas and semicolons more than once to structure your sentence. You should include all major ideas and themes within the given word limit from the passage in your summary to receive full credit for your answer. You also have the option to cut/copy/paste the given text to make sure your summary is accurate and thoughtful.

2.Write Essay

This is a long-answer type question where you need to write a short essay on a given prompt. The essay length must be between 200-300 words, and the prompt length is usually limited to one or two sentences. You will get 20 minutes to finish each task of this type. Writing under 200 words or over 300 words will result in a penalty and loss in credit, however, no credit will be given for any irrelevant or no response. Your response on this task is generally judged on your ability to write a persuasive or argumentative essay on the given topic. The essay is used to assess your academic writing skills and you will be graded on factors such as structure, coherence, vocabulary range, grammar usage and mechanics. Like other writing tasks, you can use ‘Total Word Count’ to count the number of words you write. You will also see the cut/copy/paste buttons on the screen which you can use to write a concise, coherent, and logical response.


To achieve higher scores in PTE Writing module, you must demonstrate correct grammatical usage and consistent control of academic written English.

Grammar and Spellings

The test taker must present high proportions of grammatically correct written compound sentences that clearly depict the context of the prompt.

Written Discourse

The response should present 3Cs of good academic writing – Clarity, Coherence, Conciseness.


Every task in PTE Reading test has defined score points, so if you want to score 79+ in PTE Reading module, you must understand the scoring criteria.

Task Type Scoring Communicative Skills Assessed Enabling Skills
Summaries Written Text Partial Credit Reading
Write Essay Partial Credit Writing Grammar Vocabulary
Written Discourse


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